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Jun 10, 2023
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4 Virtual Entertainment For Corporate Events To Try Today

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Here are 5 virtual entertainments for corporate events and ideas to attempt at your next event right now, ranging from virtual games for team building to virtual movie evenings and quizzes, concerts, and conferences.

We have been required to host and participate in a lot of virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic, like virtual games for employees. But how many of them were worthwhile and interesting?

We are all aware of how challenging it is to completely substitute an in-person event with a virtual one. However, activities like a virtual team-building game won’t be forgotten anytime soon. They are here to stay forever.

In spite of this, the history of virtual events has had a few positive moments. There are smart, entertaining, and successful virtual entertainment options for corporate events. Therefore, regardless of virtual games for staff members, it is possible to organize and host a successful virtual event.

Activities for well-being, health, and sports

It goes without saying that the pandemic has made almost everyone more aware of their personal hygiene. Why don’t we benefit from this? In addition to having health issues, the epidemic has made many individuals depressed and stressed out.

You can organize the following activities:

  • Fitness classes where participants can follow on-screen instructions using essential equipment (or bodyweight training)
  • Meditation courses
  • Yoga classes
  • Virtual Strength Classes
  • Health and Wellness webinars/conferences
  • Art therapy
  • Poetry therapy
  • Dancing lessons

For corporate events, you can also incorporate these health exercises with other forms of a virtual entertainment or utilize them as a “break” in between sessions (such as a 5-minute yoga break). Giving your team members and attendees variety instead of forcing them to sit through a tedious 3-hour Zoom conference can be quite helpful for them.

Virtual Movie Night

A virtual movie night is another event that can be planned very easily. As the event’s name implies, the goal is to watch a movie (or TV show) together electronically, recreate the customary movie night, and engage in conversation while having the convenience of being at home.

How do you do that? bringing everyone together via Zoom or Skype and starting the video playback at the same time. However, the Watch Party feature is available on Disney+, Hulu, and other streaming services. Additionally, Watch Party events will be supported by the new Facetime feature in iOS 15.

Allow your team to vote on a movie choice, and everyone participates at a specified time if you want to use it as a virtual game for team building.

3rd Virtual Concert

Similar to the example above, if done properly, a virtual concert can give your attendees an exceptional and life-changing experience. Adding a concert in between the speakers during a virtual conference is one way to combine a virtual concert with other virtual events.

Production—more particularly, making sure that the show’s production functions in the virtual environment—is the key to organizing a successful virtual concert. An immersive concert is required. We can’t just count on the artist’s video to be broadcasted. A well-designed stage, several camera angles, and other components like lasers and pyrotechnics, however, can all contribute to making the performance even more exciting.

Of fact, it might not cost much. Use your concept to your advantage. Create a mechanism for attendees to engage with one another, for instance and an online store where they may purchase special products that are only available during the performance.

Virtual truths and lies

This can still be quite fun while being reasonably simple to organize. Request that your participants prepare three assertions that are true and one that is untrue. The falsehood should be plausible and credible, not just “I was on Mars.” Ask your participants to limit their ideas to those that are tasteful.

Then you can ask them to choose a random reader to read out the truth and the falsehood. The other participants should then have a conversation and try to guess which of the statements is false.

Final Thoughts

It’s imperative to be creative; else, your event will blend in with those of your rivals. Here are 4 inventive virtual entertainments for business gatherings for your upcoming large event in light of that.


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