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Jun 15, 2023
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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Unveils New Education Pavilion In Accokeek

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On December 16th, the Alice Ferguson Foundation celebrated a significant milestone with the completion of the capital improvement project for the Potomac Watershed Study Center. To commemorate this achievement, the foundation proudly revealed a state-of-the-art education pavilion in ACCOKEEK, Maryland.

Ferguson Foundation Unveiled Its Brand-New Education Pavilion in Accokeek

In support of the nearly ten-year construction, Dr. Monica Goldson, Chief Executive Director of Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland State Delegate Kris Valderrama, and other dignitaries attended.

“The idea for this project originated from our dedicated educators, who had a vision of creating a vibrant economic assessment campus. The goal was to provide students and the surrounding community with an opportunity to engage with and appreciate the everyday world, while also fostering a deeper connection with nature,” states Theresa Cullen, Pioneer Supervisor of the Alice Ferguson Foundation.

The Potomac Watershed Study Center’s development started in Walk 2014 and was done in November 2022. The Center requires a brand-new preparation structure, living design, ADA-compliant open wetlands promenade, two temporary lodgings, a rain garden, bioswale, presentation stockpiles, local plants, and interpretive signs.

The Foundation has committed to supporting environmental projects in Prince George’s County and has collaborated with the County for a considerable amount of time.

“I’m genuinely anxious to witness this errand true to form,” stated Andrea Crooms, Head of Environment for Sovereign George’s Region. The existence of Alice Ferguson Foundation-type organizations in our own backyard is exciting. They show that the most effective ways to control stormwater spillover can look great and mix in with the climate.

The pavilion will serve as a gathering spot for school groups, community residents, businesses, and organizations for outdoor educational programming, furthering the Foundation’s commitment to “nature as a classroom.”

Delegate Kris Valderamma expressed, “I’m persistently stunned at crafted by the Alice Ferguson Establishment.” Outside of the classroom, our students, both within and outside of the Sovereign George’s All’s District, are primarily exposed to programs that promote active outside advancement and advance science professions.”

Since the 1960s, the Alice Ferguson Establishment and Ruler George’s District State-funded Schools have collaborated to provide day and short-term programs for nearby students as well as professional development for educators.

Dr. Monica Goldson, CEO of Ruler George’s Region State-Funded Schools, stated, “For a long time, the Alice Ferguson Establishment has been an esteemed cooperative accomplice for Ruler George’s Region Government-Funded Schools and the William S. Schmidt Open air Instruction Community.” We have gotten help from the Establishment to guarantee that each fifth grader has the chance to take part in a short-term ecological experience.

At the point when the structure was committed in their honor, Shirley and Blunt Nicolai, kind workers and individuals from the Alice Ferguson Establishment’s Board Emeriti got unique acknowledgment.

“We believe that naming this pavilion after the Nicolai family is a truly deserving tribute, but it also encapsulates a more profound narrative that defines our mission,” expressed Stephen Kim, President of the Alice Ferguson Foundation Board. from a single trip to the Hard Deal Homestead, which led to a commitment to this organization for a long time.

The Shirley and Blunt Nicolai Instruction Structure will assist youngsters with finding out about the Potomac watershed and the normal magnificence of Southern Maryland for a long time to come.

“At first we expected we wanted to help with sponsoring a homeroom,” Shirley Nicolai, a liberal laborer and Board Emeriti of the Alice Ferguson Foundation expressed, “however this open design is a particularly incredible arrangement better for youngsters to be outside.” The youngsters who come here figure out how to live calmly on the land and what their activities mean for the environment, the two of which are significant for their fates.

The Alice Ferguson Foundation is dedicated to fostering a deep connection between individuals and the natural world, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and preserving the cultural heritage of their local watershed. They achieve this through a multifaceted approach encompassing education, stewardship, and advocacy.

By engaging with communities, the foundation aims to inspire a sense of appreciation and responsibility for the environment, empowering individuals to become active stewards of their watershed and champions of sustainable practices. The Alice Ferguson Establishment has been introducing students and locals in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. to the wonder and excitement of outdoor involved learning for nearly 70 years. Visit fergusonfoundation.org for additional details.

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